PLACE’s precision-manufactured homes have the quality of permanent homes, meeting the London Plan’s space standards, and can be moved from one site to another as required.

Place modular housing kitchen

Modular housing

PLACE is committed to providing high-quality modular housing for use as temporary accommodation. The modular housing units are placed on vacant ‘meanwhile’ sites earmarked for development in the long term, but which would otherwise remain underused over the short-to-medium term. Our units are designed and manufactured by ESS modular, a leading supplier of award-winning modular buildings.

Design & layout

PLACE wants to raise the bar for the quality of temporary accommodation councils provide for homeless households. The units will be based on the design specification approved by PLACE, in consultation with boroughs, and developed over time with ESS and the wider design team. All schemes are optimised around an 8-unit block sharing one staircase.

The properties are for families only. There will be a maximum of 4 storeys. All bedrooms will be double, over 12sqms, kitchens and dining areas are combined and come fully fitted with white goods. There will be a separate sitting room. Two bed units will access this area from the kitchen diner. Three bed units will have a separate entrance from the hallway and a connecting sliding door to the kitchen/dining area. All bathrooms will have a suitable shower cubical, and three beds will have an additional WC.

Place exterior view of back door and balcony

External and Amenity Space

PLACE has appointed separate architects for this ensuring that the units are not simply placed on the site without creating good external areas within the boundary of the site. Architects will be responsible for additional site layout and landscape design. Each upper floor flat will have a balcony for private use.